Skinterns need not apply.

by Jackie

Know your role: dress for the life you want, not the life you have.

With the economy in disarray, many workplaces are looking for inexpensive or free labor as a staffing alternative.  While getting paid a next-to-nothing wage, or nothing in some cases, is not ideal for some, gradstudents, undergrads, and individuals looking for a career change  stand to benefit greatly from internships.  They are a valuable way to gain work experience and add to your skill set.

NOTE: Summer may seem far away, but now is the perfect time to start researching internship opportunities.  Deadlines for competitve opportunities start as early as December.

While you are getting your résumé and cover letter together, do not neglect your wardrobe.  An internship is your chance to flex your professional muscle.  It is the dress rehearsal for your future career opportunities.  Four years ago, I earned the privelege of being selected to intern on Capitol Hill.  My mother (my stylist since ’84) proud of the achievement, sent me key items to add to my wardrobe that I still wear today.  During my time there, however, it was obvious that some young ladies did not have this same privilege, or if they did, chose to return those items to the store and exchange them for clothing more appropriate for the beach or the disco.  The situation got so dire, that The Hill newspaper published an article addressing the issue.

A*cute’s outline of what not to wear in the workplace applies to interns.  Do not think that a student’s salary or a loss of income can be an excuse for not looking your best.  Here are some inexpensive ways to look like a million bucks during your Summer internship:

NOTE: Now is the best time to shop for Spring/Summer clothing.  Off-season items are always cheaper.

The vest:  The blazer alternative


This New York & Company vest is the perfect color for those hot summer months and can easily coordinate with other pieces in your wardrobe for other seasons. The best part, it's only 20 bucks!


For under $40, this sheath from Target will take you through all four seasons. Consider it an investment at $10/season. For more conservative offices, top this with a blazer or a cardigan or wear a collared-button-down blouse underneath.

The bottom line


Skip the flip flops and opt for these chic flats from Payless instead. Comfort, style, and affordability are the name of this game.

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