All Things Orange

by Sherria

I absolutely love the color Orange.  For me, this bright color is always in season. It makes me happy during the winter, fall, summer, and spring! Although orange can be a little loud sometimes, you can tone it down with earth tones such as brown and beige.

Not only is the color orange a great way to spruce up darker colored clothes in your wardrobe, it also has good health benefits. Orange fruits and veggies (i.e., oranges, papayas, cantaloupe and peaches) have also been identified as mood-boosters! The healthy dose of Vitamin C in oranges has been known to boost your immune system and protect against cardiovascular disease. So, wear orange, eat orange, and think orange!

Orange Accessories:

Where to buy:

1) Orange Fabric Watch (Louvett, $110)

2) China Glaze Code Orange Nail Polish (China Glaze, $5.50)

3) Vintage Orange Brown Horse Square Scarf (Bows & Bandits, $18)

4) Juicy Couture Lock It Lady Juicy Shoulder Bag (Juicy Couture, $245)

5) Orange ipod Touch Skin (Amazon, $9)

6) Orange Potted Gerber (Crate and Barrel, $20)

Look of the Day:

Marie shows off her Coral dress from KOHL’s

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