Summer Sandals: Fab, Functional…and Frugal!

by Jackie

Summer means sandals. I am not a fan of paying a lot for seasonal footwear.  I do not own a car and am always on the go, so when I’m out and about, I need shoes that can get a lot of traction, but that are still cute. Summer lasts about a good three months and after all the barbecues, the lunchtime walks I force myself to go on for my sanity, and the daily grind, my sandals usually do not make it to the next year.  Plus, you can never have too many shoes ;-) , so I usually restock yearly.

Here are some fab sandals that won’t break the bank!

NOTE: I am still on my anti flip-flop campaign, so I included some sling-backs.  The  flip-flop alternatives are perfect for a casual Friday and won’t harm your feet or annoy your co-workers.

Get the look!

  1. T-Strap sandal,, $20
  2. Wedges,, $25
  3. Woven Sandal,, $18
  4. Wedge slingbacks,, $25
  5. Geometric slingbacks,, $11

3 thoughts on “Summer Sandals: Fab, Functional…and Frugal!

    • Thanks for your comment! I love those as well and had a similar pair when I was younger. They’re classic.
      — Jackie

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