Making the cut

by Sherria

Emma Watson graces the cover of Marie Claire's December 2010 Issue

As I stood in the line at CVS, my eyes were immediately drawn to the picture of Emma Watson. “Isn’t that the girl from Harry Potter?” I said to Jackie. “I want my short hair back.” Seeing Emma on the cover of Marie Claire looking effortlessly gorgeous has inspired me to cut my hair again. Everyday Jackie encourages me to go back to my old hairstyle- short and sleek. So, that’s exactly what I’m doing this weekend. I made an appointment at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning to get my hair chopped again. So much for growing it out to look like the black Kim Kardashian, lol. The short hair fits my face better and I won’t have to keep purchasing styling products.

P.S. I think I might have to check out the new Harry Potter film, even though I have never seen a Harry Potter a film a day in my life. But, I’m all for Emma right now. Check out some pictures from her Marie Claire photo shoot.

Back to the short look:

5 thoughts on “Making the cut

  1. AMEN LAWD! I am so excited for your cut. Your cheekbones and eyes need their own shine time, boo! Love it and love you!

    — Jackie

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