Jennifer’s Style Diaries: Nailing it down

by Jennifer Tyre

Jennifer Tyre is a photographer and website specialist based in Washington, DC. Check out her work at

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This week Jennifer rates Sally Hansen’s newest products for quick nail makeovers.

Insta-Dry Nail Polish

4 out of 5: If you’re like me, a quick drying polish is a must. I seriously stopped painting my nails for a while because I was so tired of smudging my finished product. However, this nail polish actually does dry instantly. I would recommend applying just one coat to prevent chipping or peeling. This line contains a wide range of color options; I tend to lean more toward neutrals and pinks. One of the best things about this polish is the rounded brush, which makes it much easier to paint those tricky sides of your nail. Tip: don’t forget a clear top coat, which helps make your color last!
Salon Effects Nail Strips

3 out 5: By applying these polish strips I was able to skip the drying process completely. The package comes with a variety of colored strip sizes that you fit to your nail. The downside is that the strip is not going to fit perfectly. For my first application, I actually found that it took me longer to try and size the strip to my nail than to actually paint it with regular polish. Also, I had issues trying to smooth out the strip. Overall, I think this application process takes some practice. On the plus side, it’s suppose to last up to 10 days, and this time, no base or top coat is needed.
The verdict
At around $10 a pop for the one-time use nail strips, I’m not all the way sold. I found them a bit too tricky to apply for my taste. Also, I was instantly frustrated that they weren’t as smooth as the picture on the package. Overall, I think the insta dri nail polish is the best way to go for a quick splash of color on the go.

2 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Style Diaries: Nailing it down

  1. I agree about the strips, I tried them and I basically threw them out after about 5mins. Too complicated for me, I HATED them!

  2. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be using them again. I don’t have the time or patience to apply them. I also have a few creases where the strip didn’t smooth all the way…sigh.

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