Back to Cool: 5 Chic Back-to-School Tips

Guest Post by Maronel Stewart

Maronel Stewart is a rising sophomore at George Washington University, majoring in business. The up-and-coming fashionista is a thrift-store enthusiast with an eye for everything fab!

If there is one thing I learned from my freshman year it’s that time management is EVERYTHING.  With the various activities that make up the average day on campus, time is very precious.  Alleviating some of the time that it takes to choose an outfit and get dressed can help you give more time to other activities, such as editing an assignment or getting some extra time for much needed sleep. The best thing to do when getting dressed for class is to keep it simple. Believe it or not simplicity can look great!  Here are some tips on how to look trendy without cutting too much time out of your day.

1. You can add a chic twist to almost any casual outfit by throwing on a blazer or, if you want to add a subtle studious flare to an outfit, you can make use of a cardigan. Blazers and cardigans can be dressed up with items like button downs, skirts, and slacks or dressed down with items such as a plain t-shirt and denim jeans.  Whether dressed up or dressed down, with the right accessories, these simple items can add style to virtually any outfit without requiring a great amount of time and effort.

Get the Look!  

Letterman Cardigan, Forever 21


Dark Blue Linen Blazer, Charlotte Russe

2. Have a pair or two of short boots handy so that you can walk stylishly and, most importantly, comfortably, to and from classes. They are an easy style choice and can be paired with jeans or even tights.

Get the Look!

Steve Madden, Faythh Boots

3. Accessorize! Accessories can create something out of nothing. Simple things such as jewelry, scarves, hats, and bowties can really bring life to a simple outfit.

4. Going back to school doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Work with what you’ve got! A few new pieces to freshen up your wardrobe will suffice.  These new pieces will help give a new look to your “old” items.

5. Contrary to what some folks might think, I believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with what is known as “outfit repeating.” Everyone should get a chance to see you flaunt that killer outfit you wore two months ago. I like to think of it as being an equal opportunity dresser.

Here are some of my campus looks:

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