Ask A*cute: Menswear Monday Edition

by Jackie

Can I get away with not wearing a shirt and tie? It’s too hot!

In the summertime, I am especially grateful that I can wear flowy skirts and sleeveless dresses to keep me cool in the heat. I can’t imagine what I would do if I had to wear a shirt and tie. Just thinking about that combo in 8o-plus degrees makes me want to open a fire hydrant. While discussing graduation outfit options with someone, I suggested a Guayabera. I took to twitter and demanded that there be a resurgence of the classic Latin American shirt in menswear, and within seconds menswear guru Paul from answered my plea with this example:

Gabe Alonso of Pleats are for Lovers photographed by Justin Chung.

All of the men in my family own guayaberas. Whether it’s paired with a light-weight pant for playing dominos in Panama or with dress pants for a rooftop party in NYC, it is a versatile way to look cool while staying cool in the heat. I would love to see more guys take risks and abandon the traditional collared shirt and tie this season (of course, only if it’s appropriate for the occasion).

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