While I Was Out: Jezabelle’s Flash Mob Street Fashion Show

by Jackie

I’ve been recovering from a sinus infection (yet, again), and high altitude sickness from a recent work trip to Denver.  Yes, it’s real. I didn’t think it was a real thing until it hit me. Ever had a hangover? Well, imagine feeling like that for five days. Fun! [insert sarcasm here]

While I was home, apparently I missed a flash mob street fashion show in DC’s Dupont Circle produced by custom shoe design/alteration company, Jezabelle. Lucky for me, my coworker Keiana snapped some pics of the action:

I love flash mobs of all kinds. This idea reminded me of an episode of Gossip Girl when “Little J” crashed a high brow NYC event with a surprise fashion show. (I’m still catching up on Netflix.) I thought it was genius, and would have loved to have seen something like this in person.

The sample designs  from Jezabelle’s Facebook page are fun and imaginative. Seems perfect for the girl who is bored easily and wants a shoe design that no one else would have. They would be a conversation starter.


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