Shopping Spree! [In my own Closet]

by Jackie

I pride myself on my keen shopping skills. My strategies rival the game-winning plays of your favorite championship team. The best victories are when I shop my own closet and find pieces that I have not worn in forever. I have fun finding new ways to wear my older clothes and mixing and matching them with newer pieces.

It’s no secret that yellow is my favorite color, so I treasure this top that my mother gave me from her own closet. I wore it while visiting Philly with some of my nearest and dearest this past weekend. Aside from being bright, it’s also lightweight, which came in handy for spending an 80-degree day in Rittenhouse Square. I wore a long gold necklace to update the look.

After a great weekend with the girls, Monday morning didn’t seem that bad. I actually got up early enough to fit in a short yoga routine with the roomie courtesy of Netflix. I was in such a good mood that I decided to dig in the depths of my closet and ended up pulling together a country-inspired outfit complete with a chambray shirt that I bought from H&M more than four years ago. The rest of my outfit is probably just as old (if not, older), including the layered necklace.

The only newish item that I wore were my leather lace-up sandals from the Loft. They are super comfy, and I’ve worn them almost every day for the past couple of months. I think my other shoes are starting to get jealous.

Shopping my closet is a fun adventure, and the best part?  It costs zero dollars.

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