5 Steps to Creating Your Authentic Career

Courtesy of Innerveda.com

Ruchira Agrawal, Inner Veda

SANTA CLARA, CA — With the recent recession and string of corporate lay-offs, many have found themselves at a career crossroads, wondering what to do next in terms of work. While this can be challenging, it can also be an opportunity to walk towards your passions and dreams. This can be your chance to re-invent yourself including your work. What kind of a career will make you feel alive and meaningful?

Lots of people spend their lives involved in work they are unhappy about, perhaps the thought of making a career change seems daunting or they might not know what else to do. Staying in that place for an extended period of time can have a negative impact on one’s relationships, energy and well-being. If you’re contemplating finding an ideal career, find one that’s authentic and that fits who you are. Here are some steps to help you:

1. Make a conscious choice and work towards exploring your second career options.

2. Get to know yourself and get familiar with your strengths, passions, interests, and worth.

3. Listen to your intuition and take time to connect with it. See where it guides you.

4. Know what you want to do. Take time to figure that out and honor your inner truth.

5. Take action! Start exploring your career options and read career descriptions to see if there’s anything that feels like a good fit.

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