Ombre Hair: A Death Wish

by Jackie

This is how I feel about the ombre hair trend:

Let me preface this by being fully transparent by admitting that I have never colored my hair, unless you count my red cellophane rinse that could only be seen in the sun and lasted all of 2.5 months. My hair is jet black and I’m not willing to bleach it to achieve a true shade. With all of that said, I love when other people switch up their look with a new hair color… when it’s done right.

Ciara. Why?

Earlier this year, celebrities showed up on red carpets, television appearances, and at photo shoots with bleached ends spawning a fast-spreading ombre hair trend among the masses. Blonde tips were everywhere. As I saw so many two-toned disasters, I couldn’t help but repeating my mother’s phrase in my head: “Everything isn’t for everybody.” Not every hairstylist or at-home dye kit can accomplish the carefree, sun washed look.

If not blended correctly – or at all, for that matter – the style can become “skunkish,” with a harsh line of demarcation between the dark and light. When going to the stylist, print out this picture:

Keke Palmer does ombre right.

Keke Palmer’s ombre hair looks amazing because the colors are blended seamlessly. It doesn’t look like she needs to have her roots touched up, or like she tripped and fell head-first into a tub of bleach.

Khloe Kardashian’s ombre look is a success because it is subtle and the colors blend. (I never thought “subtle” and “Kardashian” could coexist in a sentence.)

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