Shopping for Houndstooth

by Sherria

“Can I borrow your black and white checkered scarf?” That’s what I used to say to my mother as a teenager when I wanted to borrow her wool houndstooth scarf in the winter. Now that I know the pattern is called houndstooth, it makes it much easier for me to go into the store and tell the sales woman the exact print that I’m looking for :-)

As I browsed through the mall in Long Island a few weeks ago, I noticed that a few store windows displayed their mannequins in houndstooth patterns for the fall, such as Forever 21, Joe Fresh, and Banana Republic. Hey, even Strawberry is up on the trend! Instead of shopping in my mother’s closet for houndstooth this fall, I’m thinking of picking a few items for myself at the store. The houndstooth pattern looks exceptionally well with bright colors, as you can see in the image below of the yellow top paired with a houndstooth skirt from Banana Republic. Below are a few of my top choices for the fall. What do you think? 

Banana Republic

Houndstooth pencil skirt, $89.50

Ashley bow ballet flat, $98

Houndstooth slim sweater, $69.50

Joe Fresh

Houndstooth Silk Shirt, $49

Tweed Pump, $79

Hooundstooth Dress, $49

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