Review: Natural Hair, Inc.

by Jackie

I’m hair lazy. Every now and then, I get inspired and do a meticulous twist-and-curl style, but for the other 50 weeks of the year, I alternate between wash-and-gos and the occasional blow out. I’m pretty sure this qualifies me for a spot on the bench on #TeamNatural, but not everyone was made to be a starter, and I’m ok with that. The folks at NaturalHair, Inc. seem to understand just how little effort I am willing to put into my hair and sent me some no-fuss products to try.

photo 2

The Juice is a detangling spray, and the appropriately titled Hair Crack is a luscious conditioning hair mask from Natural Hair, Inc.

Following the product instructions, I deep conditioned my hair with their Hair Crack and The Juice. The Juice is a detangling formula that I sprayed on my scalp and roots and the Hair Crack is a conditioning mask that I raked through my hair from root to tip with my fingers. I then used a shower cap (thanks for sending that along, too!) and let the combo work its magic for about 30 minutes while I straightened up my room. I co-washed like I normally do and used a paddle brush while in the shower. At first, it seemed like every other conditioner, lots of slip and shine.

photo 3

I’ll never use a wide-tooth comb again. The paddle brush detangled and clumped my curls. It’s the truth!

After air drying (which takes a long time, like a really long time) I noticed that my hair is much softer and seems more moisturized than when I deep conditioned in the past. While it is a tad bit pricier than I’m used to, I think I’ll be back for another hit of that Hair Crack!

Day 2 hair: big, soft, and fluffy.

Day 2 hair: big, soft, and fluffy.

Twists and Turns

by Jackie

I’m ridiculously excited about summer — warm weather, weekend getaways, and plenty of sunshine. While I love all of these factors, my hair hates the humidity that accompanies them. Sometimes I get lucky, and can wear a straight style in the middle of a heatwave, other times, I can just wash my hair and go, letting my hair air dry in random curls.

Random curls, on a good day.

However, it’s always unpredictable. I refuse to have any bad hair days this summer by taking control of my tresses.

Inspired by Ashley Nicole’s hair experiment, I decided to try my hand at Bantu knots to create predictable spirals. To add more control to my coils, I made two-strand twists out of half-inch sections of my hair before knotting them.

Check out the results!

Damage Control

by Sherria

It’s been a hot and humid summer here in Washington, D.C., which has caused me to flat iron my hair at least four times a week in order to keep my style intact. Needless to say, the heat of the sun, the humidity, plus constant flat ironing has caused my hair to get damaged. As I looked in the mirror and sectioned off a piece of my bang to flat iron I noticed that this ONE piece never got flat; it was fuzzy all the time no matter how much heat I applied to it. That is when I decided that this madness had to stop. I searched online and went to the nearest beauty supply store to pick up some styling products that would help protect my hair from heat damage and eliminate frizz. While I chemically treat my hair with a relaxer to keep it straight, I have also provided some styling products and tips below for ladies with curly and wavy hair. So, before you go out and play in the sun or heat up that curling iron, please consider picking up some products that will help moisturize your hair and protect it from damaging elements.

Straight hair:

Breakage from heat damage can ruin any style you are trying to achieve. Keeping it moisterized is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy head of hair. To protect straight hair against the heat remember to ALWAYS condition your hair and keep ends trimmed.

Aveda Damage Remedy and Moisture Remedy are good product lines that can help repair any hair damage. I’ve also found that CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray is a great way to protect your hair against curling iron or flat iron damage.

When Keren decided to go on vacation she potected her straight hair from damage by not applying heat everyday. To achieve a loose curl, she used a roller set and sat under which distributes heat evenly and holds the curl for atleast 3 days.

Curly/Wavy Hair:

You don’t want this damage…

Look A*cute like this…

A*cute blogger, Jackie, swears by Miss Jessie's products for moisturizing her texturized curls.

Try this:

Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment - promotes health of naturally curly hair; softens curls to reach it's maximum length and controls frizz. (; 2 ounce jar for $9 or 16 ounce jar for $48)

Aveda 'Be Curly' Curl Control- apply product to dry hair in order to control frizz and enhance curls (, $18)