Hair Diaries: Grad Student to A*cute Professional

by Sherria

Picture Perfect A*cute Professional (January 2010)

As I sat one day in bed annoyed with the unruly nature of my hair I had the brilliant idea to “Halle Berry-it” -meaning cut all my hair off! I had gone natural for two years but I still wanted a dramatic change. That week, I decided to get my hair cut and I must say it has been for the best.

  Changing your look can have a profound effect on how you feel about life in general. For a while I was stuck in a rut; frustrated with work, doing my hair in the morning, not getting what I want from people in my life. I knew it was time to take control! I went to Salon Revive in Washington, DC and told the hair dresser to cut it off. I showed her printed pictures of Halle Berry and Rihanna to give her some sort of idea of what I wanted. When I left the salon I wanted to cry. I thought I had made a huge mistake. However, with some styling of my own I come to LOVE my short hair!

Hair Journey:  June 2008-Present

June 2008- My return to the U.S. from London, UK. (Hairstyle: Black Bob)

Summer 2009- Braids were the easiest hairstyle to maintain while I spent 3 months in the library completing my Grad School Dissertation (Hairstyle: Black Micro-braids)

January 2009- Time for CHANGE: Jackie and Sherria headed to the Latino 2009 Inauguration Ball (Hairstyle: Kinky Updo' )

April 2009- (Hairstyle: Medium Flip bob)

June 2009- I'm going to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami! I needed something versatile and managable to endure Miami heat and the beach (Hairstyle: Pony-hair Micro-Braids)

September 2009- Time to Go! I had the sudden urge to cut my hair off. I went to Salon Revive on U. Street in DC and just asked the stylist to chop it off. I almost had a nervous breakdown after it was over, but I rushed to Jackie's house and she calmed me down. We had a social gathering that night and everyone loved my hair...or lack there of!